The Annual Gaming Scholarship Program For PUBG Is Here 2019

The Annual Gaming Program of PUBG for 2019 registration is open for the scholarship program. Gamers from all over the world participate in this program which is not only to define the game but also to provide the education-related in making if single game. We provide the information in the first tutorial regarding how many fields can combine to create one highly games.


Our main focus is to get out all understudy gamers and gaming devotees everywhere throughout the world by providing the scholarship to those who deserve the chance in this creative world. There are a different field in which student is registered related to game education.


  • Sound Effects Software Engineering: Education of knowledge of Sound in a different scenario
  • Graphics Designing (Digital Sketch) Character Build: Use of digital pen to create a character for games
  • Game Development Software Engineering: Knowledge of how to run the highly graphic update software
  • Applied Engineering On Hardware: Study to build the machine with accessories on which game can run smoothly
  • Publication & Marketing: Study if how to presents products under the Law of business education

Winner of Last Semester Fall 2017-2018

William Feeney

Ezra Dweck Jr.

Grossman Jack

The selection Of Job As Per Knowledge, Skill And Abilities Of Suitable Under Subject

When the first process is completed for application program submission, then we have the transparent selection criteria for three students to be selected in the scholarship program. The information of student personal and academic details are verified under the strong inspection so the selected student for the scholarship program should stand on knowledgeable, skillful and abilities of it field that is on the merit-based selection.

Qualified Scholarship Program Reward:

As per the rank of the student won the scholarship program will provide the reward as per percentage of total fees.

1st Scholarship Winner: 20%

2nd Scholarship Winner: 17%

3rd Scholarship Winner: 15%

Example if the fees are 1000 the 10% of 1000 = $200 scholarship.

How to Apply For Scholarship Program

We made this very simple to apply for the scholarship program; you can apply if you got the high GPA in your specific subject as mention above.

Step #1. Write an essay on “Why you deserve Scholarship” around 350 words. This essay includes your personal achievements, links of online projects. Which will be easy for us to see full galore in their native of an online environment. Also, introduce yourself with the written application in details.

Step #2. Introduce your achievement in two videos and send us along with the essay.

  • The first video must be recommended by your education professor and teacher.
  • The second video must be shot video which shows the skills of your recent projects.
  • Send us all your required showcase projects on the official email address.

Step #3. The final step before you submit your application, you need to check all the information mention below for this scholarship.

  • We required a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • When you attached your Application it includes your valid Photo ID
  • Check the entire information you provide in an application which should be demonstrated to be true and accurate.
  • The deadline is mention on our website, so you submit before the deadline.


Sent me At This Mail Id:

Important Note:

  • The application is open for every country student with free of cost.
  • The essay you submitted will be double checked by evaluators and Plagiarism, which will not be tolerated.
  • An enrolled student is indeed by the applicant admission slip requirement, which is strict by our side.
  • Before sending the winner scholarship price, a student will be contacted by the authority to ensure the confirmation of home address. This procedure ensures that the winner gets the prize.
  • Our website also published the winner piece that you had already sent along with the application which allows us the permission to post your Gaming work if you win.

Privacy Policy

Your personal information will be confidential with our scholarship program staff and kept as a secret.