Battleground Mobile India or BGMI is one of the best multiplayer games where 100 players jump to the island. They aim to survive the match and to be the last man standing. Once you jump the island, you will have to collect weapons, consumables, and more stuff to survive in the game by killing opponents. The game has realistic graphics with great control.

The more you play the game, the more you get some rewards. The game also offers some clothes, weapon skin, as well as vehicle skins. In the game, there is also two types of coins available.

BP (Battle Coin): You can simply get BC by playing the game and completing missions.

UC (Unknown Cash): You will have to spend your real money to buy UC in the game. But UC can be used to get some premium rewards like costumes, skins, and more rewards.

Which is the BGMI Redeem Code Centre Official Website?


While BC can be used to get some normal clothes and items, but UC is the best way to get some coolest and amazing outfits in the game, which you can also use in Battle Pass as well as Lucky spin events. If you don’t know how much real money you have to spend on purchasing UC, then you can see the below image where you can buy UC from 10 UC to 6000 UC.

pubg free uc image

But spending real money on an in-game item is not everyone’s cup of tea. There, many blogs are offering some free BGMI UC generators and hacks, which are completely illegal and Tencent Games can ban a user permanently if they use any types of illegal methods to get UC free in PUBG Mobile India.

Is it possible to get BGMI UC free?

Yes, 100% possible!

Why go for free UC BGMI hacks as there are multiple methods available to earn UC free in Battleground India mobile. So if you are searching for the legal ways to get free UC in BGMI, then you are lucky as here we have explained every legal method to earn BGMI UC free.

7+ Best Legal Ways To Earn BGMI UC Free

Note: The below ways are completely legal, which you can follow to get free Battleground Mobile India UC without getting banned.

Method #1: Participate and Play Bonus Challenge

One of the best methods provided by PUBG Mobile India is participating in the Bonus Challenge. This Bonus Challenge with let you earn 500 BGMI UC free. All you need is BC, which can be converted to UC. If you have 1000BC, then you can convert them into 100 UC. Excited to participate in the Bonus Challenge? Let’s find out how to participate and play it:

  • You will need a Bonus Challenge Voucher to play a bonus challenge that you can get from the PUBG Mobile India event.
  • If you don’t have the voucher, then you can spend 1UCor 100BC to get 1 Bonus Challenge voucher.
  • In this bonus challenge, you will get some daily challenges on various levels. You will have to choose Room to depend on your Difficulty and Squad Size from Solo, Duo, and Squad.
  • You can also get free Bonus Challenge Vouchers by heading to BGMI eventRecommendedWeekly ReportGoRewards at the bottom and then click Collect to get the voucher every week.
  • Once you got the Bonus Challenge Voucher, then you can follow below steps to participate and play:

Step #1: First of all, open the BGMI game on your smartphone.

Step #2: Next, when you are in Lobby, you will see the Trophy icon at the top next to the cheer park option.

Step #3: Here, you can see different challenges along with the Bonus Challenge option. So just click on the Bonus Challenge option.

Bonus Challenge steps

Step #4: Once you select the Bonus challenge, you will get the three different Bonus challenge option like below and choose any option according to your performance.

Bonus Challenge steps

#1 Novice:

Requirements: 1 Bonus Challenge Voucher

Highest Reward: 1000 Battle Coins

Kill Points: 15/enemy

Win Points: 200.

#2 Adept:

Requirements: 2 Bonus Challenge Voucher

Highest Reward: 2000 Battle Coins

Kill Points: 30/enemy

Win Points: 450.

#3 Expert:

Requirements: 3 Bonus Challenge Voucher

Highest Reward: 3000 Battle Coins

Kill Points: 45/enemy

Win Points: 700.

Step #5: Once you select the option, you will receive a popup with the Resister so you just tap on it.

Bonus Challenge steps

Step #6: After that you will have to find the match, so tap on Find Match to start the game.

Bonus Challenge steps

Step #7: After the game finished, you can check your point and redeem the battle coins in the BGMI Bonus Challenge Redeem section. Here you can also get some free gun skin as well as some premium outfits.

Method #2: Reach RP 100 To Get 600 UC Free

In this method, we are talking about those users who have Elite and Elite Plus membership. When you reach a certain RP level, the game will give you 30 UC free, and once you reach 100 RP, then you will automatically get 600 UC free in Battleground India Mobile.

Method #3: Google Opinion Rewards


Google Opinion Rewards is one of the easiest ways to get free UC in BGMI. You search Google Opinion Rewards on the play store and install the app for free on your smartphone. In this app, you will have answer some basic questions by Google weekly survey, and you will be rewarded free money on your Google Credit. This Google Credit can be used to purchase UC in BGMI.

Method #4: Swagbucks 


Swagbucks is also one of the online survey sites which will give you free Google credit, and you can use it to purchase BGMI UC without spending the real money. In this online platform, you will have to complete some tasks like polls, surveys as a puzzle. Each task will give you different SB. These SB you can use to redeem with the Google gift card.

Method #5: Use the Rheo App

Rheo app

Just like the Google Opinion Rewards, Rheo is one of the popular game streaming apps which you can download from the Google Play Store for free. You will have to install the app and complete the login process to get it started. In this app, you will just have to watch any live stream game for only 10 minutes. Once you complete 10 minutes live stream, you will get two different vouchers, and then you can scratch them to earn some Rheo Coins. You will have to do it daily until you gather 600 Rheo Coin. Once you have 600 Rheo coins, you can redeem than to get 60+20 UC free in PUBG Mobile India.

If you continue gathering Rheo Coin, you can convert them with more UC like below image:

Method #6: BGMI Weekly Events

BGMI announces some weekly events in which you will have to complete missions and get rewards, which can include gun skin, limited costumes as well as 10 to 50 UC for free. So you will have to keep your eyes on every BGMI event.

Method #7: is also an online website where you can also complete some tasks and get rewards. Just like Swagbucks, you will have to complete some tasks like surveys and more tasks to get points. These points can be used to redeem through the Paypal cash, Flipkart gift voucher, etc., which you can use to buy UC in BGMI

Method #8: PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is also one online platform like where you can complete some online tasks and earn some points. And then, you can use these points to redeem Paypal cash, Flipkart Gift Vouchers, with which UC can be purchased in the BGMI game.

These were some best tips and tricks you can use to get free UC in BGMI. Other than this, there are also many other apps, and an online website also offers the same type of features where you can complete some tasks and redeem points to earn UC free and use BGMI Redeem Code Centre to redeem.

Finishing up

Hope you enjoyed the guide and earned some points as well as BGMI UC. Other than these methods, if you come through or know any other methods, then we welcome your opinion with us through the comment section. Once after following these tips to get free BGMI UC, please also share which method you liked the most and how much UC you earned with the help of these methods. Other than this, if you need more tips on PUBG Mobile, feel free to ask us through comments.