PUBG Mobile Indian version called BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is now available to download and install on Android. Pubg developer and KRAFTON collaborated to create an Indian version of the game considering user’s privacy.

On June 17, 2021, KRAFTON landed the new link for  BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA early access. If you search on Google Play Store or App Store to download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, you won’t see any result since the game is only available for limited users. First of all, you will have pre-register for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA with the help of the below link.

PUBG Early AccessNote: Because of a high number of download, the page is showing 505 error. But you need to keep trying after some time. If the link is not working, you can follow the direct BGMI APK + OBB.

Before heading to the process to install Battlegrounds Mobile India on your mobile, you should make it sure that your Android and or iOS have the capacity to support Battlegrounds Mobile India Apk. If you don’t have any idea about the Battlegrounds Mobile India requirements, then here’s the information.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Requirements

Whether you want to play Battlegrounds Mobile India on Android or iPhone, here are some necessities of PUBG mobile.

Battlegrounds Mobile India  Android System Requirements 

The Battlegrounds Mobile India  is compatible with more than 500 Android devices. Make sure that your Android device has 2GB of RAM and running 5.1.1 lollipop or later version.
Battlegrounds Mobile India  iOS System Requirements  

If you have iPhone and want to play Battlegrounds Mobile India on your iOS device, then you need iPhone 5S and above version running iOS 9.0,10, 11,12, 13, 14 and iOS 15. Well, you may get the lag issue on your iPhone 5S. But, it will run smoothly on 5S following devices.

Battlegrounds Mobile India  Maps

PUBG Mobile Maps

If you are new to this battle royal game then you should also know about four Battlegrounds Mobile India maps names so that you will be ready to play with your friends on your favorite map. There is a total of four maps available in Battlegrounds Mobile India –Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi snow map.

How to Download Battlegrounds Mobile India APK Android or iPhone

How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) APK and Install it on Android 

Step 1: Download Apk file from here.

Step 2: Download the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA OBB File from here.

Step 3: Next, install the APK file and close the game.

Step 4: Extract the second file which is zip and move that .OBB file in to

Step 5: Now start the game.


As for now, we don’t see the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA on App Store on iOS devices. But the sources claims that keeps checking the game on iOS App Store, it is expected to land anytime soon. After the registration, the game will roll out within a week for Android and iOS users.

How Transfer or Migrate Older Pubg Mobile Data To Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

Finally, the PUBG Mobile Indian version launched in India with the new name Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). We have already provided the BGMI APK + OBB link above to download and install BGMI Beta version on your Android. While installing BGMI, the biggest question people are asking can I get my old data on BGMI. Some users claim that you cannot get PUBG Mobile data to Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

Luckily, here we are going to shows you how to transfer old Pubg ID data to Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Let’s check out these steps.

  1. After installing BGMI from the above guide, log in to the game by Twitter, Facebook, and Play Games option.
  2. Next, create a new character.
  3. After creating the new character, you will get the popup to confirm if you live in India or not. Tap on Yes.
  4. You get another popup that will ask you would live to transfer old Pubg ID data to new Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  5. Tap on Yes on the next popup.
  6. Now choose the old social media platform you use to login in to older ID and now want to use to the BGMI.
  7. Now you will get the final prompt to confirm the transfer. Tap on Yes.
  8. That’s. Restart the game and you will be welcome with an older ID on Battlegrounds Mobile India.

How to Select TPP (third-person view) or FPP (first person view) Mode in Battleground mobile india?

You can play Battleground mobile india in FPP mode on your Android device. To choose TPP or FPP mode, you will need to tap on the mode on the Third-Person Perspective (TPP) or First- Person Perspective (FPP) at the bottom of the screen when the game start.

 12 Best Battleground Mobile India Tips & Trick You Should Know To Be The Last Man Standing

Battleground Mobile India is all about surviving in the long island by killing everyone else to get chicken dinner. But, there are some tactics and Battleground Mobile India tips you can follow to get Chicken Dinner.  Here are those:

 #1: Choose Mode Friendly Clothes

Battleground Mobile India is the game of survival where you have a battle against other players. So, when it comes to wearing cloth, you should keep in mind that it isn’t a fashion show or party. You can choose the right clothes as per the mode you are playing. You can wear a sand colour t-shirt if you are going to play Miramar. Likewise, you can choose Erangle map friendly wild t-shirt so that your enemies can’t track you easily. And the white costume if you are playing the Vikendi map.

#2: Choose Lower Competitive and More Loot Area

The first thing is to try to land in the area where fewer people jump and more weapons, consumables, and other necessary stuff available. It will help you to get every needed item quickly without being shot by other players. Personally, I prefer to land on Rozhok, Mylta Power, School in Erangle map.

#3: Follow Your Map Wisely

Once you start playing PUBG mobile on your smartphone, the left top corner side of the screen you will always see live map. This map helps you to track your enemies by gunshot and footsteps. And also, show you the blue and safe zone. So, also keep your eyes on the map.

#4: Enable Peek & Fire

PUBG Mobile Tips

The Peek & Fire feature is not enabled by default in the game. You have to turn it in the Basic setting to play by just revealing your head to shot by hiding your full body. Once you activate Peek & Fire, you will see two upper body icons at the left side of the screen.

#5: Use Headphones and Connected With Your Squad

To get a better sound of gunshot and enemy footstep, we suggest you always use headphones while playing the game with or without a squad. It will give you the bright idea about from where the gun triggered to track the enemy. Also, you can use headphone to keep communicating with your squad to make strategies and plans to play like a team to get chicken dinner.

#6: Keep Moving

Do not stick to one point; it will give other players a perfect headshot of you. So, try to keep moving to avoid getting killed. There are a lot of snipers roaming around you, so keep moving by taking good covers. It will help you to survive for long.

#7: Avoid Gun Fights

Sometimes, involving in other fights won’t the right choice. You may get killed in the battle. So, you need to take your action correctly. If you hear two groups or persons are fighting, then hiding is an excellent idea. After that, you can kill the reaming one. Agree?

#8: Silencers Are Good Friends

PUBG Mobile Tips

In the Battleground Mobile India game, there are differently typed of guns available-AR, Sniper, SMG, etc. When pressing the trigger to shoot someone, it makes noise, and you will get easily tracked. Therefore, there are silencers are available for different type of weapons.  So, once you found a suitable silencer for your gun, just attacked it on your weapon to kill rivals silently.

#9: Lie Down While Looting Enemy Crates

Once you kill someone, for you would want to raid the crate, right? So, our advice is always raid crates while being lying down so that your enemy can locate you even if they see the green light popping on the person you have just killed.

#10: Prefer To Play On The Edge

If there are only two or three circles left, then try to play on the edge. It will give you the unobstructed view of the whole ring especially if you have 4x or 8x scope. It also minimizes the chances of getting killed from behind.  Therefore, always prefer to play on the edge of the play zone where our blue line is near to the white.

#11: Use 4x and 6x scope Wisley 

As there are also different size of scopes availble in the game so that you can aim the opponent clearly and shoot them easily, you can use these scope properly in the game. We suggest you use 4x scope instead of 6x as it gives a clear aim and stable view of the enemy. It will help you to knock down the opponent easily.

#12: Do Not Hurry to Kill the Knocked down

If you are at the middle of the game when 30 to 40 players left in the game, then please keep in mind that don’t kill the knocked out player immediately. Once you knock him down, wait for the other players of the opponent team as they would come to revive the knocked down player and you could get a chance to shoot them as well. But also make sure that knocked down player don’t have the idea of your location, otherwise, he will hit the other teammate about your spot. So, be careful!

#13: Wearing a ghillie suit? Drop the secondary weapons

In a case, if you got the ghillie suit from the drop, then we suggest you to drop some secondary items like the pan and the second weapon as they will reveal your location when you try to hide behind foliage in Erangel and Sanhok.


This was all about Battleground Mobile India on your Android and iPhone. Hope here you have got everything about the Battleground Mobile India  apk. The lot more are coming in upcoming Battleground Mobile India updates. Till then, keep playing Battleground Mobile India . If you are new, then once after playing the game, please do not forget to share your experience in the comment box. Even you can also share any other Battleground Mobile India tips and tricks which we can suggest in this article to help others to get chicken dinner.

Happy Playin